School Goals

School Goals

Goal #1:  Students K-7 will increase self-awareness and self-management skills to achieve school and life success
Why this goal is important? Several key sets of skills and attitudes provide a strong foundation for achieving school and life success. One involves knowing your emotions, how to manage them, and ways to express them constructively. This enables one to handle stress, control impulses, and motivate oneself to persevere in overcoming obstacles to achieve a goal(s).

Connection to School District Strategic Plan: SEL is an important part of helping students thrive.  We implement a strength-based approach to inclusion that meet the diverse needs of all students.

Indigenous Connection (First Peoples’ Principles of Learning): Learning involves patience and time; Learning requires exploration of one’s identity; Learning involves recognizing the consequences of one’s actions.

Objective 1.0–Students will identify and manage one’s emotions and behaviours in all settings

  1. Recognize one’s own emotions
  2. Linking one’s own emotions to specific behavior (positive and negative)
  3. Describe a range of emotions and the situations that cause them
  4. Describe and demonstrate ways to express emotions in a socially acceptable manner
  5. Apply strategies to manage stress and to motivate successful performance
  6. Objective 2.0–Students, staff and parents will deepen their understanding of Social Emotional Learning, specifically Self-awareness and Self-management competencies

Goal #2:  To Improve students’ writing skills
Why this goal is important? Teachers have identified through classroom assessments, report card data and general observations that students need to strengthen their writing, specifically focusing on writing traits: word choice and sentence fluency.

Connection to School District Strategic Plan: In order for students to thrive they need to develop their communication skills and one way is through improved writing skills.

Indigenous Connection (First Peoples’ Principles of Learning): Using writing as a tool to communicate Indigenous perspectives across all curricular areas.

Objective 1.0

  1. Students will increase their sentence fluency by June 2020
  2. Students will increase their word choice when writing by June 2020