School Fees Online

Pay for your children’s Hot Lunch, planners, field trips, and other activities online!!   

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Register by selecting “Get Started Today” and follow the steps. You will receive a confirmation email.

To increase the safety, security and ease of payments, Ecole Inman Elementary is excited
to continue with our full implementation of the School Cash Online system.


Benefits to Parents
Provides a new ‘parent’ convenience
Parent fills Online shopping chart & checks out
Parent Receives Email Notification and serves as a nice reminder
Parent can print receipts for their records and/or income tax

Benefits to Students
Improves Student Safety
Reduces the amount of cash/cheques coming to school

Benefits to Teachers
Improves ‘School to Home’ Communication
Less Bookkeeping = More Instructional Time
Reduces the Time Spent Photocopying
Helps School ‘Go Green’

Benefits to School Bookkeeper
Reduces the Time Spent Photocopying
Reduces Cash Counting, receipting, combining, bank deposits
Reduces the NSF risk/loss

Instructions on how to register (or see below).
To register for School Cash Online
To Access the School Cash Online homepage

Please contact the school if you have any questions about the payment options.

Make sure to check the box that asks if you want to receive the email notifications.  You will then receive notifications each time a fee is available to pay for your child(ren).