What is the PAC?

All parents and guardians of Inman Elementary are members of the PAC. The Parent Advisory Council provides an opportunity for the parent community to be proactive and participate in the education of their children. An active PAC with many volunteers creates more parent representation and leads to a vibrant and healthy school community.

When do PAC Members meet?

Parent meetings will be held once per month, usually on a Wednesdays of each month at 7:00 p.m. in the School Library. Unfortunately, we currently cannot provide child minding during meetings.  These meetings are attended by the Principal and the Head Teacher and the discussion includes the social, cultural and academic events of the school. Parents are encouraged to bring forth questions or comments.

Committees and Volunteer Opportunities

There are many events and activities organized by the PAC that need the help of parents to be successful. Without your support, many of these would not be possible. We will be looking for volunteers to help with the following over the year:

Lunch Program Fund Raising Newsletter Submissions
Fruit and Veggie Program December Pancake Breakfast PAC Website Coordinator
Earthquake Committee December Raffle

Parent involvement helps children succeed in school and is welcomed in Burnaby School District. For information, notices and resources to help you to become more involved with your child’s education is on the district website. You will be redirected to the district website by clicking here.